Retreat Attractions‬‏
Included Excursions & Self Exploration
White Sand Beaches
Located just minutes south of your retreat you can find beautiful white sand beaches filled with art like driftwood, very few people and even more reef to explore.
Wake Up & Whale Watch
During the months of Dec-April you can litterly whale watch from the retreat. There are also kayak tours offered near by if you would like to get up close and personal with these magical mammals. 
  1. Haleakala National Park
    Haleakala National Park
    Also known to early Hawaiians as "house of the sun" this massive shield volcano forms more then 75% of the island of Maui. At an elevation of 10,023 ft, we hike into the crater to enjoy its rare and sacred landscape.
  2. Ocean Activities
    Ocean Activities
    Located just steps away to one of Hawaii's most unique ocean reef systems you get to enjoy an amazement of tropical marine life, ancient old coral heads and pristine waters to play upon.
  3. Lahaina Jodo Mission
    Lahaina Jodo Mission
    This beautiful Japanese pagoda along with one of the largest statues of the buddha outside of Asia is a great self exploration site to see in Lahaina town just minutes away from the retreat...And it's FREE!
  4. Iao Vally
    Iao Vally
    Covered in dense rainforest, Iao Vally holds an abundance of multicultural history. This National Natural landmark is included for you to learn about the tropical flora of Hawaii and its historical relevance to Maui.